Our products

We, Vasani Ltd, specialise in the manufacture, delivery, and installation of kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, stairs, floorings, linings, window sills, doorsteps, fireplaces, BBQ grills, tombstones, and any other products made of natural or engineered stone, in compliance with the individual preferences and requirements of our customers

For this purpose, we use materials from all over the world.

Our company has its own warehouse and manufacturing facilities and employs highly qualified teams for the processing and installation of all our stone products.

Wide variety of products

We offer a wide range of colours of marble, granite, and engineered stone from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, India, China, etc.

We make slabs, steps, plates, etc. of various width and different surface treatments of the stone. It may be polished, thermoplastic, bush-hammered, rustic, glitz, honed (satin).

Our top priority is to meet the requirements of our customers and to make a product which is consistent with their personal style and preferences, offering them a solution which starts with the conception of the project and ends with its final realization and the completion of the natural or engineered stone product.